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Written by Gemma Wilson—City Arts Magazine


Photomedia artist Dave Kennedy grew up in a World War II housing project in Tacoma, one of the few mixed-race children on an ethnically diverse block. "It was pretty common for people to ask me what I was," he says. That personal history collides with artistic inspiration in his Amalgam series, including Amalgam #65, showing at Gallery4Culture April 3-23. "I like the question that the series both asks and answers," Kennedy says. "I imagine that there's a moment when the viewer wonders if what they see is a meat stack or a pomegranate stack. It all looks so similar but the reality is that it's both at the same time. In a way, it shows a multi-layered existence while inviting the viewer to explore their own way of perceiving."

Amalgam #65Amalgam #65

Amalgam (#'s 19-87)