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Gaspars, Dugans, Jacks and Kools

Gaspars, Dugans, Jacks, and Kools are macro observations of impressions created by people through
the ritual of smoking, photographed with the intent to free this subject matter from its literal interpretation
re-contextualizing these cigarettes as portraits of the people who smoke them.

Standing as a representation of each person and their meditative, indulgent, repetitive, relaxing and sometimes destructive action the stain and shaping of the filter reveals a decorative and graphic impression that represents the person through a series of their actions performed during the process of smoking each cigarette.

With the intention to transform them from something often considered to be disgusting, each filter is meant
to take on an abstract form within the context of the photograph and intended to question what constitutes a representation of a person and whether someone can be personified in a different way than what traditional portraiture provides.