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Photographic Translations

My interests are centered around the narrative. Re-contextualizing occurrences into allegories and personifications I use an alchemist approach, transforming dreams, intimate conversations, objects
and things into the affecting. Within each narrative, I use iconography to create a representation that
stands somewhere between reality and illusion.

I began this body of work to fulfill my desire to photograph staged psychological dramas. To develop
narrative themes I created a journal of writings inspired by readings, dreams and conversations. Both
personally experienced and related to me by others, these writings became a way to make connections
with deep levels of individual consciousness, while gaining a further understanding of universal thoughts, imagery, and emotions.

While recording these thoughts and dreams, themes of passion, self-doubt, inner struggle and introspection found their expression as developing visions with glimpses into multicultural worlds of religion, politics, health and family. Each of these themes revealed themselves in various forms and provided the necessary inspiration for photographic translation into psychologically based narratives.